Imagination – Michael E. Thies


Please take a read of this truly inspirational blog post by my good friend and author of Guardian of the core trilogy, Michael Theis who was kind enough to give me a shout out and congratulate me on my new career path.

Here is a short extract from the blog :

I received a message from an England friend of mine who has been working in the cruise industry for eight years. Recently, she just had an interview to become a professor and teach level 2 and 3 of Hair and Makeup Design at a college. She, too, is a blogger and you can check out her website, here. I met her while on a cruise around Southeast Asia and when we talk about experiencing things, she definitely has seen a lot in her years working on the cruise ship.

Now, with that being said, she didn’t have any certified credentials to be a teacher, so she was really nervous when it came to applying. Nevertheless, she applied, she interviewed, and she got the job because of her experience. She saw the opportunity to potentially make something happen, and she acted upon it. In essence, she had proactivity. She has perseverance (to truly stay at something for eight years is impressive in itself). And she has the imagination mentioned as one of our unique human endowments to see past her ability to ONLY be on a cruise ship as a hair and makeup design specialist.

This is great to hear. To be honest, sometimes I get a little sad when I talk to friends back home because it seems like nothing in their life has changed. It seems that it’s stagnated for some reason. And that’s a pity to hear. I’m not saying that life should be in flux twenty-four-seven, but when I reach out to someone who I haven’t spoken to for months and ask them “Hey man, how are you? What’s been up? Anything new?” And all I receive back is “Been busy with work.” I get a little depressed. There should be something new in life, right? After a few months surely?


Imagination – Michael E. Thies
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